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02-Dec-2022 20:19:28

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09-Dec-2023 13:42:00

Johnlnyc mentioned, "The Sound System appears to have been first rate. / Cell phone recorders/ mics are much improved."

Yes, that was my immediate impression too. I watched a bunch of concert videos on youtube, and I was struck by how good the sound quality was, especially the bass. I figured either the concert sound system must have been very good, phone cameras must have improved substantially, or both. The sound quality in the youtube clips is noticeably better than the ones from the RAH gig, just 5 years ago.

John also asked: "Why was the logo (Yamaha?) on Caroline’s kick drum covered?"

I have no idea, but I am guessing that the band did not have an endorsement deal with that company and did not want to give them free advertising. My understanding (which could be wrong) is that bands often get free gear from companies, who get valuable advertising when the bands use their prominently labeled gear on stage. (I think I remember Jim saying that they are or were supported by Roland keyboards.) Maybe they are trying to get a deal with the drum company, so displaying their gear would weaken their leverage? Just a wild guess; if someone knows better, please correct me.

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