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Thanks for posting those two articles Osama! Indeed, their attitudes regarding the matter are nicely reflected...
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01-Apr-2020 01:32:48 the songs that they write. I also remember Andrea's interview with Gay Byrne from RTE's The Meaning of Life, and he asked her some really hard questions - some related to her view on life and death, and from her answers it is very clear that she is the religious type, as there she also talks about staying to her Catholic upbringing. That definitely influences her attitude towards the matter, which is reflected in her songs - particularly the ones about Jean.

(I was gonna post the full interview here but the full video has been taken down from YouTube - eeekk!)

As for Sharon, I remember that interview quite well and it does give away her outtake at life and death - as something more absurd and abstract, full of uncertainty as Goodbye reflects.

Queen of Hollywood stands out in Talk On Corners because it is pretty much the only song in the album with such dark themes and backstory - as much as I LOVE the album, the lyrical themes are not at all diverse as most songs in the album are purely love songs, while in contrast In Blue and Borrowed Heaven (and to some degree FNF as well) have a wide variety of themes explored in the songs. Somebody For Someone is a really underrated piece, I love how the soft atmosphere brought by the song conveys an even deeper sense of tragedy in it once we actually pay attention to the lyrics.

I'm still trying to figure out who wrote the songs in FNF. As far as we know the sisters wrote Runaway, Jimbo wrote Secret Life, Andrea wrote FNF...but not much is known about the other songs and a lot of songs there don't really showcase distinct songwriting styles the individual band members are known for, with the exception of perhaps FNF and Secret Life. Heck, I've been trying to decipher the meaning of Heaven Knows and I still haven't got my conclusion wink.gif

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