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23-Jul-2017 15:33:13

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16-Oct-2018 00:32:07

I haven't visited the board for a while, it's been a busy time, so I'm catching up on all this today. Loads of posts to read!

You definitely need a violin to cover a Corrs song, though I guess you can fake it with effects/modelling pedals, but that's a bit naff. As to songs, any you've suggested are worth a go. 'Mystery of You' needs a bit of songwriting to finish it. Well not finish it, the Corrs have already done that; but to fill in the bits we don't know. I've always had a bit of wish to have a go at 'Angel', but to be honest, I'll go with the flow and have a go at whatever you want, (no Status Quo pun intended).

I can offer acoustic or electric guitar.

Maybe worth trying an easy song to check the logistics work, before going for the main plan?

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