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They apparently shot an EPK. They could just use that as a video.
21-Sep-2017 18:28:19

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18-Aug-2019 09:02:44

I thought the EPK videos for BOTN, Ellis Island, and IDWIL were excellent. I liked the EPK for BOTN much better than the actual video, and I didn't really like IDWIL (the song) that much until I saw the video, and then I loved it.

We know they've shot an EPK for the new album, and I'm sure that would work just fine as a video. I don't think there's any need to have an elaborate and expensive production.

I actually like Andrea's video quite a bit, but I do understand Nick's point that a major international act of their stature would be expected to have a more polished production. As a fan, I like the personal nature of Andrea's "movie", but perhaps that wouldn't interest new or casual fans as much.

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