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Let's be honest though - today is day 1. They could do no promotion for 2 weeks, then go heavy with TV appearances,
21-Sep-2017 21:03:25

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24-May-2020 21:10:28

radio shows etc. and it would be as if they had launched the song back then. No one hears or sees a band on TV and decided not to like it because it was released via their own youtube / spotify / facebook / twitter accounts a few weeks back.

We are all mad fans, we know they are back, and that the song has been announced. The Corrs were never really big enough tom warrant some massive publicity stunt that would get the public eye back on them and their new song - and even if they were big enough, it's not in keeping with their style.

Time will tell if they are doing it right (or at all!)
What matters to me is that they enjoy it, and make enough money from it that they continue to make music that I love. If they want to strive for massive success, then so be it, but, I think massive success in the music industry, for a band that are never going to playing at the same level as U2, or Taylor Swift etc. could well mean a tour that nearly sells out in a few countries across the globe, and not necessarily much more.


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