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Completely agree Dave
21-Sep-2017 21:50:16

CorrsClub Time:
18-Aug-2019 23:15:13

It's not even the pace of the song that bothers me, more the lifting of Biblical text. It doesn't connect with me, and I'm not sure it ever will. So while I appreciate there are those of us that will fall in love with it, it leaves me feeling unsure. I can't even watch the video.

Don't even get me started with their social media. We need to stop making excuses for it. They're a big enough to at least have a beautiful Instagram feed. The blurry screenshots of the 'homemade video' are ridiculous for a verified Instagram page. 'The Corrs Fanpage' is a perfect example of what they can do.

Not only that, but to put on an official YouTube channel a silent 13 second video to announce the album?
They need someone to sort it out, because almost all of their videos are only available because fans have uploaded them. Where's 'Ellis Island' from the WL EPK?

While I appreciate the fans who say they're happy with what they're given, I've been a fan since 1995, and have grown more frustrated with how they're being managed. I'm sure there are those of us that would give our right arm to take over and make it beautiful for them. I know I would!

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