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The Twitter account switch is really strange
21-Sep-2017 22:18:55

CorrsClub Time:
25-Feb-2020 19:49:14

I thought @TheCorrsMUsic was their official twitter account. IIRC, that was the account listed on the band's official website, and I think it was also listed in the CD booklet for White Light. The account was tweeting updates on Jupiter Calling as recently as last week, but then completely went silent a couple of days ago. Then the new twitter account started today (although it looks like the account was originally set up in 2015 but never used until now).

If @TheCorrsMUsic was indeed an official account, they should have sent out a tweet announcing the new account and telling followers to follow the new one. But they didn't do that and ended up losing 10K followers.

On the other hand, if @TheCorrsMUsic was not an official account and just a fan account, why did it stop all of a sudden?

Finally, the strangest thing is that if they switched to the new account just to avoid the typo, that was unnecessary, because twitter account names are not case sensitive!

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