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Just a thought - could any of the board members going to the RAH gig request a meet-and-greet for The Corrs Club?
26-Sep-2017 17:54:02

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27-May-2020 18:27:04

I understand that many of you here have had the pleasure of getting an M&G with the band individually during the WL Tour, but it's just popped in my head that there has never been an M&G with the band on behalf of the board as a whole, with the members who do attend the gig as representatives. That way the band could see proof that the board is here to stay and support them in every new step - there could be stories about how board members share important information about getting to the gig or planning a meeting with fellow members, discuss new stuff and dissect lyrics, post the latest interviews and important social media updates, etc., all in the name of supporting The Corrs.

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that the board has never really got the credit it deserves from the band. One would think that, having been around for so many years even during the hiatus and constantly providing updates and discussions regarding The Corrs on various areas, the band would give more acknowledgement to this board's role in maintaining the interest in their music and relations between fans; The Corrs themselves are, after all, well aware that the board exists and have accounts here - I don't think it's possible that they have forgotten about the board entirely and discounted the possibility that it's still very much active...

Anyone who's had an M&G during the WL Tour sure knows very well how it all goes, how one lodges the request for an M&G. Of corrs, at the end of the day it's all down to the band's availability before/after the gig, but you'll never know wink.gif

Like I said, just a thought/idea. Whether this will really go through or not, I guess all remains to be seen smile.gif

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