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I have no idea how the band sees the board...
26-Sep-2017 18:08:18

CorrsClub Time:
25-Feb-2020 14:31:18

Or even if they know it is around. One thing seems clear however, by reading various accounts from other fans. The Corrs seems wary of getting involved directly with their fanbase. The only instance I've ever seen was Sharon with her solo site and even then she had someone dealing with us any appointing some of the fans for moderation on the board (Peter- who even offered to send a little something as a thank you on behalf of Sharon when I stepped down as a moderator :D).

Of course this might change and they may be interested to get more involved with the board members. As you say, it remains to seen and it is certainly worth to bring attention to what seems to be their biggest online base to date (The Corrs Club T-Shirt anyone ? ;))

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