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Exactly. The band is well known for responding to fans on Instagram - should be indication that they take a more...
27-Sep-2017 01:31:17

CorrsClub Time:
24-May-2020 14:12:13

...personal approach in handling fans. I am very sure they have heard something about this board since their return, so I find the lack of acknowledgement very surprising.

Yes, the board is not into grandiose projects especially dedicated to The Corrs like some regional fan communities (I am certainly guilty on this one) - but it's been running for so many years with members growing even during the hiatus and for many of us it's the discussion and interaction here that keeps the interest in the band's music alive. In my case when I was still very new to the board my first impression was how heartwarming it is to see so many Corrs fans talking about them on an online forum even when nothing seems to be happening.

For the sake of longtime members and founders of this board, I just would like to see a confirmation that they do value these things, no matter how simple-looking.

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