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With regards to the netbase, I think we have a mixed bag as regards interaction and taking note of what's been said
28-Sep-2017 02:34:02

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24-May-2020 22:10:58

In the old days, we do know that Jim, at least, took note and occ interacted.

Shaz openly admitted that she and her husband made a point of "lurking" around the various fan boards prior to announcing her solo venture ..... once people started Tweeting her (and noticing that it was her and not some assistant on the other end), she soon "ID'd" a lot of people from the various forums. She certainly did not respond to everyone (esp the pests) but she certainly had a cross-section of people whom she openly interacted.

A&C may post photos etc but we've never seen the personal interaction.

What we have seen re fan interaction post return is the Hughes Regime back in place as against what we saw with Henry McGroggan with Shaz .... where he clearly took the lead from Shaz herself and openly facilitated sessions with fans. Granted its a different ball game with a solo artist as against a group and perhaps its not just Hughes mentality but the views of certain people inside the group.

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