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It was freaking amazing!!
28-Sep-2017 11:28:53

CorrsClub Time:
24-May-2020 14:34:25

Very very good at first listen. I did not even have good earphones and we were in the middle of a fire drill yet I was holding onto my phone haha.
I LOVED it instantly. It's quite a tragic topic yet the Corrs infuse just the right energy for hope here. Beautiful!
andrea's voice felt powerfull, gave me goosebumps, this beautiful instrumental break was SO Corrish, I love it, and those backing vocals, heaven on earth!

Seriously, this has not only all the good ingredients that we love in the best of Corrs songs, but also definitely the strength of a future single

Also quite amazing work on "beefing up" the sound. The drums sounded absolutely mind blowing, very powerfull without being empowering, it goes well with the paced tone of the song!

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