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Quick first impressions
28-Sep-2017 12:04:35

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18-Aug-2019 08:41:02

Listened to it twice so far.

1) So this is the actual first single. This sounds much more like a traditional single than SofS. Quite catchy.

2) Interesting that both songs we've heard so far are have some kind of triple-time beat. I think SofS was in 3/4; SOS sounds like it's in 12/8 (which is really just 4/4 with the beat subdivided into thirds).

3) SofS had Andrea singing in her lower register for much of the song. SOS is the opposite; Andrea's singing quite high here. (I didn't recognize her at first!)

3a) When I first heard BOTN, with all its high notes, I thought, this will be a challenging song for Andrea to have to sing live every night. Same with SOS.

4) They didn't go for a subtle, artistic view on the topic -- the lyrics are pretty direct and unmistakable. (I think this is the first time I've heard "complacent" and "tendrils" used in a song.)

5) SofS had more positive-sounding lyrics yet sounded more melancholy. SOS has more angry lyrics yet sounds more bright and cheery, similar to Summer Sunshine.

Listening again now, looking forward to reading everyone else's thoughts!

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