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I kind of agree with you,
28-Sep-2017 15:26:37

CorrsClub Time:
18-Aug-2019 07:57:20

I do think that calling the song controversial is quite a stretch, I'll always have Pink's "Dear Mr. President" as a reference, it is absolutely straightfoward - agressive even. It used to bring me to tears.

Hhaving said that, let's bear in mind that Andrea is sofisticate and resourceful in her lyrics, imagery and messages, there's ALWAYS more than we know to it at a first glance. It's not different this time, and then the message might not get to those listening to it casually. It's rather clever, dressing up a message like that in such a beautiful and pleasant song. =D <3

I am more than happy with this single, it is the band we love, every second of it feels like home (no pun intended) and yet is fresh and new. I love it. I hope it gets heard as much as possible, it deserves it!

I just need my tutu and voilĂ , I'm ready for the tour. ;)

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