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Andrea will struggle to sing this one, big time...
28-Sep-2017 16:15:12

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18-Aug-2019 23:23:32

She manages through the track but the higher she goes, the more strained she sounds and it is obvious, especially at the end. I have no idea how she will deliver this song live. It seems quite challenging.

I still love this first single though. Just bought the track off Amazon and with proper earphones and a great sound quality, this sounds amazing! I find the drums just loud enough without drowning the rest of the instrument, I find this is the right level of volume and power and I really enjoyed the rhythm and pace of it. This is a proper catchy single tune. Contrary to you Steve, I think this is very, very Corrish if I may say so. Every single part of this song, I think, screams "classic corrs circa 1998 with a 2017 twist"biggrin.gif

I just cannot wait for the concert and the album really, what a great end of year/birthday/christmas gift ha.

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