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I have found that Corrs fans tend to be in two camps, though these camps may be overlapping as well: one who prefers an unproduced, "organic" sound and another who likes the poppier stuff. In the former camp, especially, there is a sense that that sound is more pure.

I personally have always disagreed with this view. I have enjoyed Unplugged and Home etc. but always thought Unplugged was as enjoyable as it was because we knew the "plugged-in" versions of the songs and hearing them this way was a fun creative exercise. While I also enjoyed Home, I thought it was actually one of their least creative endeavors - as opposed to making these songs rockier or putting their pop-rock spin on things, they played mostly bland mellow versions of songs that are also generally performed organically (i.e. The Corrs did not bring something too new to most of those tracks).

While many fans seem to have thought SOfS was "creative", I think that the "organic" sound actually reveals how "simple" it is (much like SOS). I think, despite the critique of the pop sound of IB that is prevalent in favor of the more Irish sound of FNF and TOC, that the Corrs at their most interesting and creative when they are playing around in the studio (and this happened for FNF and TOC, even these albums among us fans have a more purist image).

I am enjoying the new songs, actually - but do find the production too blah compared to most of their studio albums. What one particular fan from YT said exemplifies what I am talking about: "When I've heard about the recording being almost live with little overdubbing I thoungh "that's great", but now I don't know exactly if it's the best choice. Kinda feels like something's missing.

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