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Yes, that's a risk of working with a producer along the lines of T Bone Burnett
28-Sep-2017 21:55:08

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18-Aug-2019 07:58:26

I am sure he brings a lot to the recording process, but if a track needs something extra after that, he might not be the person to give it what it needs. So, the writing and performance need to stand up on their own. I had some fears along these lines about how this album would turn out when I heard who was producing, and those fears were heavily allayed by Son of Solomon. Now we get SOS, a track that really needs something extra in the chorus (as well as some tightening up on the vocals), and I am a bit worried again.

Of course, it goes both ways. Compare Son of Solomon to IDWIL. I didn't have much of a problem with the latter before, but when you put them side by side it sounds awful. Everything is too loud and the vocals are obviously fixed up in production a lot. Meanwhile, SofS makes great use of dynamics and Andrea's vocals sound really raw and from the heart. I guess the WL production is a bit of an easy target, but can you imagine SofS after that approach?

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