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My thoughts so far on both SofS and SOS.
29-Sep-2017 03:58:35

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24-May-2020 21:30:48

Son of Solomon is in my opinion a very different direction for the band. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. I personally feel the melody of the verses is to bland and almost not pleasant to listen to. Very low notes are not Andrea's finest either. The melody for the chorus however is very pretty, I really like it. Sharon's violin on the second chorus is just stunning. I also like Caroline's bodhran and can pick up on it well. The lyrics though unique and as a woman of faith, recognizable, feel lacking. I can't explain why. Maybe because the lyrics are so repetitious. I will admit the song is growing on me but it will probably never be a favorite.

SOS. I was excited to recognize a more "pop" sound with this one. I agree with one member that it almost sounds like an 80's pop song which I kind of like. On this song I enjoy the melody of the verses a lot better. That chorus. So bland... Something is desperately missing. I was a little shocked. I just can't see this being a big hit at all. I agree with other members that I can barely hear any harmony. As for the lyrics I've never been a fan of political themed songs. They are not as timeless. I understand their intention and respect them for that and the message is beautiful I just don't think this song was the best choice for a first single. The best part about this song is the instrumental part. Oh my stars! That is 100% "Corrish" and I'm stunned by it's beauty.

Final verdict is I'm not crazy about either song. I'm a little disappointed. I agree with others that both songs sound like I'm listening to the songs down the hall and that they are not the best quality. Then again I'm here in America and we don't have the songs on iTunes and the video uploads may not be the best quality. I'm a little on edge about the rest of the album but I'm also intrigued as well. I'm going to keep an open mind and of course I'll be purchasing the album. While this is not the sound that made me an instant fan of the band it's great that they are exploring different styles and I'll be supporting them either way!

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