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Agreed. I don't think it's preachy - the aforementioned lines to me simply portray the singer's dilemma...
29-Sep-2017 06:12:23

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18-Aug-2019 07:57:39

...related to how she perceives these issues. In the end we hear, "Turn away from the pain / But I don't wanna see it again / I kept her away from the pain / I still hear them cry..." which I take as something that portrays the singer's desire to avoid seeing everything and the guilt that comes with it, although in the end she knows she will always see all those things...

And yes, Rmssw, I find that line you mentioned just slightly aggressive. As you said, it is a dig at those who put a negative stigma on Syrian refugees. I don't know much about Jim's opinion on such matters since I tend to avoid his tweets when they are not about the band, but Mr Gavin Bonnar (Sharon's husband) is well known for being VERY aggressive in his Twitter posts when it comes to that certain topic.

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