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I also had a problem with this line as it contains a bit of false reasoning in my opinion and judges based on the
29-Sep-2017 08:53:21

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24-May-2020 22:30:08

writer's assumption which is not exactly the truth. It similarly generalize ('they say') as the assumption itself and I don't think that it is a very clever thing to do...because even those who are opposite to un-controlled immigration are not saying that the "victims are dangerous" but what is dangerous is the lack of control...I don't understand why to approach a really complex issue with so direct and simplistic way which will always put oil on fire...sorry I don't want to spoil this board with political issues, its just a reaction to an action...Of course I agree with the message of the song, but find it a bit unfortunate and unnecessary to use these kind of statements...but it's their call...

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