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The chrorus definitely falls flat which is a shame...
29-Sep-2017 09:33:52

CorrsClub Time:
18-Feb-2020 19:36:34

as you pointed out, there is this build up of tension, which feels amazing, especially with this drums (caroline is using a different set than usual, which adds up a nice pacing sound) and then nothing, you feel like missing a step in the stairs.

It's strange because it's so unlike the band to miss something like that. I'm not sure what effect they were going for.
I still love the song overall, but there is a missed opportunity here. It wouldn't be unheard of the band fixzing that later on - either through a remix or in a different live version (think about how they changed IDWIL and BOTN by adding some bits here and there, they feel more complete, more "full" in their live version).

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