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I am happy with the direction towards more 'world related'-lyrics
29-Sep-2017 12:45:46

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24-May-2020 15:13:52

As the Corrs mature (and so do we!) I think there is more meaning personally on inquiring what surrounds us and wanting to play a role in the bigger issue around us. They now have fulfilled lives so they probably not so much inspired by the topics of wanting to find love (although I was surprised with some lyrics on WL such as -strange romance?). I think they writing have improved with maturity, not just the context but the metaphors and analogies they use. SOS has a lot of provacative lines, but so is the topic per se.

It might just be me...Back to FnF era I remember Secret Life had a little bit of this subject, more towards the meaning of life and the controversy of evolution of technology and mordern standards, while leaving us 'all alone'. So I guess I always been more draw to this type of writing anyway.

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