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Totally agree with you on all count Nyxlapsi :)
29-Sep-2017 17:14:30

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27-May-2020 17:27:30

I too think they did mature a lot lyrically speaking, I was surprised by songs like Strange Romance, Ellis Island, Harmony, and now this SOS song. they do show a whole new face of themselves that we did not see that clearly so far.
that is not to say they never had any kind of provocative song before. I can't help but think that part of the appeal of a song like Love In The Milkyway is the topic and story telling of it: here we have a character that is clearly a prostitute, shown in a light that is partly tragic (the music itself is far from being joyful), partly empowering ("she won't give you time to hesitate"). Another song that springs to my mind, and I don't remember who else quoted it today on the board, is Secret Life, that is a huge stance on religious belief and how easily you can get trapped in your own belief system ("listen at your peril, puts your soul in detention").

They've had greatly provocative songs in the past but truth is, they've been apparently overlooked by their critics who tend to only know the radio mainstream hits biggrin.gif

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