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Agreed Jackie21, neither of the songs we've heard so far are chart material.
03-Oct-2017 08:20:38

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25-Feb-2020 14:05:11

I'm still waiting for one off this new album that will grab my attention, though undoubtedly the lyrics of the first two are sincere there's something lacking in the musicality and production... dreary comes to mind.

I'm old enough to remember the BBC programme Juke Box Jury which was presented by David Jacobs (pre dates TOTP by a decade). Panellists on that show had to rate each week's singles releases as a Hit or Miss after hearing only 10 or 15 seconds of a song - this was done to rate how successful a track might be to the casual listener hearing it for the first time. If a song didn't grab you in those first few seconds, it was unlikely to be a chart success.

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