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Best way is probably directly to John Hughes, he was at a couple of the WL gigs.
07-Oct-2017 14:49:34

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20-Jul-2019 21:14:41

Twitter is certainly a possibility, as is Facebook, though getting a reply or even confirmation that they've read your message is difficult. Personally I'd just accept the situation Robin, unfortunately 'it is what it is'. I've only realised myself how utterly corrupt the UK system is after enjoying a summer of following another band in France.

The main issue is that there are too man 'middlemen' involved here in UK, they have been making a lucrative living out of it certainly since the time of William Shakespear at the Globe theatre hundreds of years ago. I can remember my father telling me how difficult it was to get good theatre tickets in London during WW2, on the odd occasion they'd get a day off when he was in the RAF. No problem for the senior officers with their 'contacts' through London clubs though - it was a matter of who you knew or went to school with.

As I've mentioned before, the UK theatre world has always been too close for comfort with those in 'high office' or government circles, its a fact of life. I would imagine that The Corrs themselves are well aware of the situation, but they are part of 'the industry' and it probably would not be a wise career move to upset the apple cart. As regards the RAH gig, it is being marketed as a 'one off special' so is bound to attract premium prices especially as it is in a world class venue in our capital city, whereas a normal tour in provincial cities would be expected to cater for a wider audience.

The flat rate seat price at RAH is around £85 to £95 pounds which is reasonable, what the secondary sellers choose to sell those tickets for however is entirely up to them. I've been amazed at your tenacity in pursuing this issue and can only complement you on it, however its probably time now to accept the status quo, no matter how distasteful and disheartening it is, and to look forward hopefully to a forthcoming tour that we can all enjoy.

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