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As you say Mathias, that will be a huge logistical problem, I guess its a seated venue.
07-Oct-2017 19:07:22

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20-Jul-2019 21:27:58

Of course this 'problem' doesn't exist to the same extent at 'general admission' standing gigs. Its basically the people who are prepared to stand outside all day who get the best chance of a good position at the stage and there is hardly any secondary selling of tickets. Mind you, problems still occur as we found out at a Corrs Bonn gig on one occasion - 'premium' ticket holders were let in first through a different turnstile. If the opening of all turnstiles isn't in unison, then there is a perception of unfairness. Another example of GA standing tickets not going smoothly was at Dublin during the WL tour when people in the queue who had their phone contract with a certain provider were brought forward into a separate holding point - until there was a near riot and barriers were pushed over allowing everyone in together.

Its always going to be a problem to some extent when big name acts are performing. The band whose gigs I attended this summer (though well known and liked in France) are not in that league yet, though they have great potential internationaly. Most were standing GA venues, but even after the doors opened most people headed straight to the bar first... I headed to the stage in true Corrs fan fashion !

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