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Maybe I'm just feeling more optimistic
08-Oct-2017 14:00:52

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15-Dec-2019 12:29:36

For sure the Corrs will chart lower than Smith/Swift/Sheeran. On researching it, the new Evanescence album seems like an interesting idea (an electronic "best-of"), can see it doing very well actually. Maroon 5 are more of a singles band, don't think they'll have great second-week sales unless they have a huge hit. There might be other albums with currently unannounced release dates, but anyone with their sights set on top three in the UK will probably delay now given the competition.

As I did mention though, WL's chart performance was a bit deceptive. There's a decent fanbase out there, just one that wasn't that aware of the album. Needs to be good promotion at the right time. For an example of the opposite extreme, I would point to another artist I follow, Steven Wilson. He put an album out in August which debuted at #3 in the charts (and was #1 on album sales, losing out only on streaming numbers). Then the album spent 3 weeks in the charts, isn't silver and probably never will be. Obviously that is a niche musician with a small but mainly dedicated fanbase, not quite the same situation as the Corrs, but that kind of chart performance isn't unusual. No reason they can't have a stronger debut this time.

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