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Me too ! I feel accomplished and excited.
11-Oct-2017 15:40:30

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20-Jul-2019 21:31:59

When White Light came out, I waited for almost 7 months to buy it, openly hoping that the CD would be released in North America (as all of their previous Cd's had up to "Home"). Home took almost a year to come out here, but it eventually did. Even Sharon's solo records were released here. So when white light's record release never hit the USA, I had waited for so long, and I watched everyone here loving the new material - but I had not heard it myself.

I decided this time around that I wouldn't go through that again !. My copy is supposed to arrive at my home on or around November 15th - 23. I am so so so excited !.. I think my boyfriend is going to buy the Vinyl copy (as he is a record collector).

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