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I think it's specifically being named and used in the JP announcement articles..
13-Oct-2017 21:57:22

CorrsClub Time:
24-Aug-2019 08:32:04

If it would be a one-off gig, it would've made more sense to do it on St Paddy's Day or around Xmas.

My guess is this show will serve as a big promo moment for the new album, they might even record stuff to be used for more album promo later down the road.

It's not uncommon - especially these days - to play new material at a (special) show prior to an album release. Maybe this could even be considered as a (big) showcase.

Also, the band basically recorded the whole album live, which means all (or most of) the songs are already arranged for a live setting (unlike more produced tracks).

We'll see in a week! :D


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