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That is interesting. Ticketmaster, in other countries seems better set up to allow you to choose a seat.
17-Oct-2017 09:06:04

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19-Jul-2019 09:45:14

I remember when the White Light German tour tickets went live, I logged into and selected seats in the first 3 rows for 4 or 5 gigs with ease (and ended up not going). It was refreshing to see how easy it was, and the system working well, rather than the mad rush we expect in the UK with randomly allocated tickets, on a first come first served basis - in the case of RAH, from Row 6 onwards in the presale as no premium tickets were available on day 1.

With a tiered pricing approach to ticketing, being able to select seats is nice, and it works especially well with things like restricted view too - I've seen the same with theatre tickets, where you might have a pillar partially in front of you, or as you say, are so far around to one side that part of the stage can't be seen. I guess it's also a good way to sell as many seats as possible.


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