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Few more thoughts -- Stuttgart
20-Oct-2017 02:22:44

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20-Jul-2019 21:14:57

I haven't listened to the entire thing yet, so I didn't catch the missing bit in WL. I'll see if I can spot that when I hear it.

Additional thoughts:

1) The sound has a warm and resonant quality that I really like, especially on the piano. Songs like Ellis Island and Runaway sound like the band is playing in your living room next to you.

2) I believe these performances are done truly live without backing tracks. They sound fantastic! This supports my argument from a while ago that they could easily skip the backing tracks with little loss (admittedly, this was in a small club rather than a large arena).

3) This is one of the best performances of IDWIL I've heard. It's especially impressive that they were able to do a strong version of an electronic dance song with just acoustic instruments and not even a drum kit.

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