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clips from RAH on YT
20-Oct-2017 02:35:32

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20-Jul-2019 21:27:41

There are a number of short clips from RAH on youtube. Here's SOS:

Click on the 'Reference Corrs' account link to see the others.

Quick impressions:

I like this arrangement of SOS that emphasizes piano more than the guitar-based album version. This is also the most prominent I've heard Andrea on ukulele; usually I can barely make out what she's playing.

Sounds like there is a *lot* of reverb on Caroline's drums on SOS!

Road to Eden sounds like it is in 12/8 time, as is SOS and maybe SofS (SofS might be in 6/8 or 3/4). That's three songs in some kind of triple-time beat from the new album. Previously the band hasn't had a lot of songs with this kind of beat (TEfT and Runaway are other examples.)

Whoever dresses the band did a good job. This is one of their best sets of outfits I've seen in a while.

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