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The last song falls into a nice range for Andrea
20-Oct-2017 14:31:47

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22-Jul-2019 22:46:20

I had never heard of this song (or the band Elbow), but I think it falls in a perfect lower range for Andrea, where she sounds warm and sweet. She was straining to hit the high notes in the other songs, especially in Runaway, but that's understandable given that she had just done her first gig in a while just a few hours earlier. I thought she sounded great on this song.

She also managed to get through SOS quite well, which I would guess would be tough to sing, as much of it is quite high. I like this arrangement, which emphasizes the piano more, better than the album version we've heard.

The show sounds good through headphones; you can make out Sharon and Caroline's individual voices in the harmonies.

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