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Butter Flutter and other song titles
22-Oct-2017 00:12:40

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15-Jul-2019 11:14:55

I really like this song too. It reminds me a bit of both IDWIL (in its driving 8th-note rhythm part that goes down and then back up) and also The Runaround from Sharon's solo album (in its bouncy beat). I think this could be a good single.

I had assumed it must be an Andrea song, as I have a hard time imagining Sharon writing a song with a title like Butter Flutter. But that's just a wild guess.

I'm having a hard time remembering which non-obvious title goes with which song. In addition to "Butter Flutter", there's "It's gonna be all right" ("Road to Eden") and "We can rule the world" ("Bulletproof Love").

I think the slides between violin notes is portamento. I didn't notice that, but I'll make it a point to listen for it. I had the impression from WL that Sharon is playing more double-stops (two notes at once), but I don't know if that's still the case now (and I could be entirely wrong anyway!)

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