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22-Oct-2017 21:57:28

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15-Dec-2019 13:40:16

When I first saw this video I couldn't help but think this was more akin to watching a Sir David Attenborough wildlife video where the bloodthirsty carnivore will stop at nothing to tear flesh off its innocent prey...

In all honesty I found the video from two years ago with the infamous line from Sharon:

'I'm not Caroline!'

Hard enough to watch, but this is way too extreme, the guy in the red hat is an autograph dealer, as is the chap with curly hair at 02:28 who Andrea signs for. I see this and I think that this is just beyond incredible, I'm hoping some REAL Fans actually got to meet them that day and didn't miss out because of this debacle.

I'm hoping that this doesn't put the Corrs off from not signing anymore or be made wary, I've heard a number of stories over the years and experienced some close at hand - from these dealers who couldn't care less if REAL Fans missed out on getting that beautiful picture or their cherished album signed, all they care about is KERRRRRRRCHING! Have said it before, I'll say it again dealers ruin it.

Will say this though, there was one chap in this vid who was with a few of us on Thursday who wasn't happy about not meeting the Corrs beforehand (didn't buy a ticket for the show) who did say he was going to try at the Beeb, and at least he did get a pic with Andrea which am happy for him for.

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