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question about 1998 RAH setlist
27-Oct-2017 11:00:31

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18-Aug-2019 08:45:42

I asked this in another post, but I think that post might have gotten buried deep in a thread and not seen by many people, so I'll ask the question again here.

In his blog entry on last week's RAH gig, Chris (Corranga) mentioned that they opened with Moran's Return at the original RAH concert. I wasn't at the original gig (that was ~13 years before I became a fan), so I've only seen the DVD. In the DVD they opened with When He's Not Around, and Moran's Return was shown before HTTW. Was the DVD out of sequence, and the gig actually opened with Sharon and Jim's solo piece?

If so, I think that would actually make an effective opening number. Starting out with just Sharon and Jim would be similar to how the new RAH gig opened.

Was anyone here at the original RAH gig in 1998?

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