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young Andrea's singing
05-Nov-2017 09:29:40

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18-Aug-2019 07:58:36

Wendy wrote: "Now I'm re-watching Mystery of You! Andrea had a very mature voice for her young age, and it was controlled and on-pitch. Did she ever have singing lessons?"

I think I saw or read an interview with Andrea where she said she hadn't taken singing lessons. I don't remember where I saw this, though, and it's possible I could be mis-remembering.

What I find most striking about Andrea's singing when she was very young (she was only 17 at the time of the Mystery of You video) is that she sounds so effortless. This is also apparent in some of their other early performances, such as the version of Love to Love You at 1:38 below:

She sounds so smooth and natural, as if she were hardly expending any effort at all. This is in marked contrast to the style of singing now in vogue in "Idol"-type reality shows, in which singers engaging in vocal gymnastics often sound like they are straining mightily to hit each note. (I like your description -- "controlled".)

As she's gotten older she's lost a bit of this effortless quality, especially on higher notes, but she still sounds quite restrained compared to many other singers, which I think suits their music perfectly well.

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