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Agreed re Andrea's singing
05-Nov-2017 14:06:28

CorrsClub Time:
24-May-2020 22:34:23

She's very smooth, controlled, effortless while still carrying a lot of emotion in her voice even in these early TV performances. As a relatively new fan, this is definitely something that jumped out to me when I first went back to listen to FNF, ToC, Unplugged etc. I don't usually care much for vocal "gymnastics" but it's easy to make an exception for Andrea Corr.

Not totally surprised if she hasn't had singing lessons though - there are certain things that someone would have tried to coach her out of if she had. Most noticable is the fact that she breathes in loudly and often when singing or on the tin whistle. That doesnt bother me too much as I've always mentally blocked out hearing that from any vocalist that does it.

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