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Brief first impressions
10-Nov-2017 10:22:32

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20-Jul-2019 21:13:52

I've only heard the 90-second snippets on iTunes, not the entire album (which is still making its way across the pond to me). My brief first impressions:

1) Sounds like there's almost no synths, which is a big change from WL and IB. Much more guitar-dominated -- not even electric guitar as on BH, but more of an acoustic guitar-based sound, with some piano.

2) There's a lot of what strikes me as a rootsy, almost bluegrassy sound, which is something I would not have expected from a Corrs album, and no doubt a T-Bone influence.

3) The use of a real rhythm section really stands out. There's no ubiquitous drum machine handclap sound as there was in WL; it really sounds like Caroline playing a real drum kit. And there's no thumping synth bass like in Unconditional. I love this aspect of the sound.

4) The song that most jumps out at me as being single material is Butter Flutter. Great groove in the rhythm section.

5) Butter Flutter strikes me as this album's equivalent to IDWIL -- a danceable track with a strong groove and a chromatic feel. Road to Eden is this album's Kiss of Life -- a slow romantic-sounding ballad. Dear Life is this album's Ellis Island -- a simply-arranged and uplifting piano-based tune.

6) There seems to be a lot more rhythms based in triple time -- 3/4 and 6/8 or 12/8.

That's all I have at the moment; looking forward to hearing others' thoughts.

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