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Another observation: vocals
10-Nov-2017 11:24:20

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15-Jul-2019 11:52:23

I thought I read somewhere that some or many of the vocals on JC were first-takes, although I can't seem to find where I read it (maybe I'm misremembering). Anyway, it does seem that the vocals on this album are rougher than on their previous albums; you can hear Andrea's voice crack slightly at times -- e.g., the first two lines of SofS. These two lines are also not sung perfectly in time; the rhythm is slightly wobbly. Personally, I like this choice, and I think it fits in well with the more raw and earthy sound of the album. It's quite a contrast from the more pristine production on FNF and TOC, and especially IB, where Mutt Lange was said to be a perfectionist with the vocals, insisting on repeated takes until everything was flawless. But for me the vocals on JC have a real, honest quality that I find appealing.

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