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Ok, here are my thoughts: this is their very best album so far. Period.
10-Nov-2017 12:18:40

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15-Jul-2019 11:05:06

They have never been so raw and (apparently) willing to explore this accoustic/ musically intimate approach. The Irish thing which we love so much and lately had been here and there is all over the album, it is simply magical. The fragility in Andrea's voice, no autotune (as in the "bring" on Bring on The Night), the arrangements... Everything.

I literally haven't been able to skip a track, I keep listening to the whole album from beginning to end, and by the way, it opens and closes splendidly. I can't choose favorites yet, but I am in awe of Seasons of Our Love, The Sun and The Moon, that is for sure.

These guys have raised the bar.

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