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Yeah, I’m afraid it’s because you live in the USA...unless you can somehow change the region on your profile
10-Nov-2017 13:42:31

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29-May-2020 09:49:45

To answer your question, yes you can listen to anything for free (as long as your desktop is connected to the Internet) if you’re willing to put up with the ads. If you use the mobile app on either your iPod or iPod (because if I recall correctly you don’t use a smartphone?) the free version doesn’t allow you to shuffle songs—in other words, you can only listen to whatever the app plays when you use it, and I think you can only use it when your device is connected to wi-fi. I use the premium version because I listen to music on my phone a lot (especially when I travel and work outdoors) and I want to be able to play whatever I want on the app, even when I am without wi-fi.

Also, since you once mentioned that you are Sharon’s age, I wouldn’t call that old at all! wink.gif

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