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Steve - If you don't want to listen to ads, and are on a PC....
10-Nov-2017 15:15:43

CorrsClub Time:
29-May-2020 09:58:50

Uninstall the desktop app, you don't need it.

Use Chrome (other browsers may offer the same add in)

Have the Adblock Plus add in.

Use the Spotify web player:

There is no way to do this with the app, or on mobile, unless you subscribe of course.

The free account still allows creation of playlists, and as you've discovered there is a real WEALTH of music on there. Only thing missing in a lot of cases is simply B-Sides and rarities. Also, be aware that they often replace some versions of the song, despite retaining the original name - much like other digital services. There was a topic on here about it a couple of months back - so, original versions of remixed songs often only appear as the remix (ref: TOC era Corrs)


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