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As someone with Irish blood, I feel that I can say this ... WTH IRISH TIMES !?
10-Nov-2017 19:16:38

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18-Aug-2019 22:34:39

What makes these reviewers so keen on ripping The Corrs apart ?

"tts difficult to imagine staggeringly unhip, prematurely middle-aged bands like The Lighthouse Family, The Beautiful South or even The Corrs (to a certain extent) smashing their way through the charts of today as they did back then. They’d at least have to put an Ed Sheeran “donk” on it or wind-machine the hell out of themselves like Adele."

"Ultimately, Jupiter Calling is the Yankee Candle of albums: at first it seems fragrant and fresh, but before too long the generic scent of superstore nothingness takes over."

So - what is the band supposed to do (Jennifer who wrote the review) -- match up to the tastes of Irish Times (who never seem to have a good thing to say about the band)

Get a LIFE ....

I am sick of Irish papers slamming this band like The Corrs are an embarrassment, or even notioning that the Irish Times has a say in what direction the band should go in.

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