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Another ill-informed review ...
10-Nov-2017 21:51:06

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18-Aug-2019 22:57:52

This review below loses credibility when it wrongly calls What Can I Do a cover ...

"It’s telling that two of The Corrs’ biggest hits — Dream and What Can I Do? — are cover versions. For all their easy-listening charms, the Irish siblings have never been a band overburdened with songwriting talent. Their seventh album has its moment: Butter Flutter is a lovely piece of Gaelic pop that will sound great on the radio, but for the most part Jupiter Calling is a little too precious and solemn.

Road to Eden is platitudinal folk-rock (“you’re not alone when you’re lonely”), while SOS couldn’t sound less urgent if it arrived by third-class mail. Andrea Corr still has a sweet, lilting voice and the backing is nothing if not tasteful. But the problem here is the songs: they’re dull and forgettable."


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