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Butter Flutter and similar/unusual songs
18-Nov-2017 07:35:13

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15-Jul-2019 11:48:19

In another thread, Nick described Butter Flutter as "John Mayeresque". That's a great description. It wouldn't have occurred to me to think of it that way, but now that you mention it, I totally get what you mean.

Do the Corrs have any songs similar to BF? It strikes me as kind of an unusual song for them, different from any of their other songs (as far as I can think of at the moment). The topic of what songs are similar or not is something that I've always found interesting. For instance, Rain and Somebody for Someone sound vaguely similar to me, whereas Borrowed Heaven (the song) stands out as one that is unusual. (I'm not making any judgments on how much I like these songs, just whether they are similar or distinct.)

It would be a fun exercise to make a map similar to this one, but for songs instead of artists:

or this:

To do this, you'd need some way to quantify characteristics of songs. This would be difficult but not impossible; you could use the number of beats per minute, whether they are in a major or minor key or neither, the instruments used, etc.

What other songs stand out as similar or unusual to you?

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