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I'd love to hear your thoughts, Wendy (and everyone else too!)
06-Dec-2017 07:28:58

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24-May-2020 22:30:36

Many people posted their reactions when JC first came out, but I'd be interested to know if people's feelings have changed now that they've had more time to listen to the album.

Re: Chasing Shadows, I like the neat key change you pointed out earlier (I think it's going from A Dorian mode to A major), but the rest of the song doesn't really do anything for me. I'm not a big fan of the country/bluegrass-ish sound, and the melody doesn't catch my ear.

I wouldn't know if this is correct without actually keeping track and then comparing it to other songs, which would be a huge amount of work, but just by ear it sounds to me like the melody takes mostly small steps between notes, with few big jumps. Maybe that's not right; I'm not sure. But for whatever reason, the melody sounds to me like it's just meandering around, without a strong sense of momentum or direction. It doesn't seem to go anywhere.

I do give it credit for being the first song I've heard that uses the words "apparition" and "dishcloth".

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