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With respect to overdubs on the album, there must be some with drums/percussion ...
06-Dec-2017 17:55:06

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24-May-2020 20:42:54

... either that or someone else played drums or percussion at the same time as Caroline on some tracks at least. I know she is good, but it's not possible to play both bodhran and cahon or one of those and drums at the same time unless you have more than two hands!!

Listen from about 1:20 on 'Son of Solomon' and you can definitely hear both bodhran and cahon at the same time and at 2:04 the drums come in while the bodhran keeps on going ... similarly the drums come in at about 0:44 on 'Chasing Shadows' but the cahon keeps going .... there are other examples on other songs too. I believe that the recording engineer for JC was/is a drummer and he is credited on the album as an additional musician ... so maybe it was him at least on cahon some of the time - I'm guessing that Caroline played all the bodhran parts!!

Incidentally I noticed at the RAH gig, for 'Son of Solomon' Caroline was playing the bodhran at first then she quickly switched to playing drum rolls on the snare from the point where the cahon comes in on the studio recording before switching to the full kit - see Richard's excellent video here:

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