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Okay, I'll write a post soon, as some of my thoughts have changed after listening to the album for a while...
07-Dec-2017 04:40:06

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24-May-2020 14:29:53

In recent years I have started to enjoy some country and bluegrass music, so maybe that's why I like Chasing Shadows.

Funnily enough, the use of the word "dishcloth" is my least favourite part of the song as it seems to draw a bit too much attention to itself.

You're right that the vocal melody doesn't move a lot. The Corrs' choruses usually jump up high, whereas the Chasing Shadows chorus melody stays around the same area.

The song is subtle, but I enjoy the rhythms, the layers of instruments and the little instrumental "licks" that are in there. But I especially like the fiddle/whistle part at the end. It's quite funky.

It feels like a road trip song!

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