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Interesting replies - one thing however that seems to have been overlooked is
07-Dec-2017 09:30:30

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24-May-2020 20:28:36

how 'rude and bad mannered' some of the comments and replies regarding The Corrs are on various social media sites. I realise that very many people on those sites do not have English as their primary language, so I do allow some leeway for this. However there is a very important little word that has great importance in English, it is 'please'. There are so many comments telling the band to do something rather than asking them politely - examples are 'come here', 'go there', 'you need to do this', 'don't do that', 'you are ignoring us', 'their social media sites are badly run', 'we need to be told this or that'....

So look at your own behaviour before scolding others for theirs. There is a generational difference here I agree, but I still don't think that any person or persons 'in the public eye' should have to constantly keep the world posted on every aspect or move they make in their daily life.

I think this topic has now been aired sufficiently so that we all know where we stand on this subject. I am as interested as anyone else to hear any new music or shows from the band, but I'm prepared to wait until they are ready to tell us.

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